"AALAVANDHAN" New Tamil Movie Review By Prabhu

"Acting King" Kamalhassan, "Bombay Stars" Raveena Tandon & Manisha Koirala, Sarath Babu, Fathima Babu, Kitu Gidwani in Overexpected movie, Kamal in and as "Aalavandhan". Music by Shankar Mahadevan and the movie directed by Suresh Krishna. Enjoy my review on AALAVANDHAN and post your reviews and comments to me at Kanman@hotmail.com.


Movies basically reflect the Culture, Ideas of the People from that region or place. When a movie is taken in a way that does not belong to that group or culture results in a cultural shock. One such movie which is a result of Cultural shock is "Aalavandhan" which doesn't satisfy any party. This overexpected movie Just because of the Star Cast and the Talents involved in it is just
another movie to watch although Talented artists like Kamal, Manisha acted in it.

The story is basically about Twins (Kamal & Kamal) who were ill-treated by their step mom when they were young. One Kamal (Vijaykumar) becomes a Commando and the other one (NandaKumar) becomes a Psychopath and who is an inmate in a mental hospital. The movie had a great start and the first half-hour promised the movie to be a great one. The introduction scene of Both Kamal was cool, especially the second one. No one need to teach Kamal how to act like a "Mental Inmate" inside a cell. Really touch of class. When Vijay happen to introduce Raveena Tandon his lover who works as a Tamil news Reader in Star TV Network to his twin brother Nanda, he sees her as his step-mom who ill-treated him in his childhood and he develops a Weird feeling that he needs to save his Brother Vijay from her. Till this point the movie was good. To show how aggressive he is, he bangs his head against wall, bites stones and shows his mouth with full of blood etc etc which is the start of downfall of a well-driven story and acting.

From this point the movie slips badly. The whole point for the "Mental Inmate" is to escape from his cell and kill Raveena so that he can save his brother. He does lots of things which is really unwanted and which is not suited for audience back home which makes the movie to slip more. With the help of "Riaz Khan" another inmate who helps Nandu to escape from the Cell but Nandu kills him too. Too much of violence makes the movie more sluggish. He then happen to see a model of "Manisha" in a shopping complex. He dreams about her and dances with her. One would expect a dream song of Kamal and Manisha to be in Switzerland or Holland or Poland. Unfortunate thing is that its different and after a while he dances with 3D cartoons which was odd and no one can digest it as it drives away the seriousness of the movie. He then happen to meet Manisha in a hotel where they share Drugs. Then more violence gets into the movie as he kills Manisha thinking that she appears like his Old "Chithi". The killing
scene is again a 3D Cartoon. For a minute I even thought that I was watching some cartoon network or something of that sort.

Then comes the flashback. How these kids were ill treated by their parents which was a regular one. There is nothing special about it. The flashback sequences were again really boring. At last the climax. The climax is nothing but "Nanda" trying to kill Raveena Tandoon and how the other Kamal saves her. After a Point the movie misses "Logic". Nandha instead of killing Raveena starts to chase Vijay his own brother. The fight and chase sequence goes for half hour, Like jumping from a top of a building to a Gas balloon etc etc which was like watching a Telugu masala movie. The climax was Very violent and the screen was filled with Blood, which was not a pleasant climax, and at last the Evil gets killed and we all felt this is not what we expected from an Overexpected, Top Star, Delayed release movie! A BIG DISAPPOINMENT.


For all the Kamal fans including me it was nothing but another below average movie. KAMAL did a great job in many places but too much of Violence and blood and Unnecessary cartoons made the movie to slag like anything. After his hit movie "THENALI" which gave us a good humor and entertainment this movie was just nothing. The "Mentally Affected" Kamal did a good job in few scenes but his GUNA character was much more better than "NANDAKUMAR" character. I would like to see another "THENALI" or "AVVAI SHANMUGHI" than seeing him as "AALAVANDHAN". This is what everyone felt. Hope his "PAMAL" K.
SAMBANDHAM will be a good treat to all of us with his regular get up. Another Ordinary performance and nothing special.


There is nothing special about Raveena Tandon or Manisha. Raveena looks old in many places and looks good in Saree. Manisha was too good. She looked great as usual but was wasted in this movie with not much to do with her acting or screen presence and nothing much to say about other actors as they were all normal like another average movie.


The movie will fit ok only in "A" centers. One can totally forget about "B" and "C" centers. The terms and names used for the Drugs in the movies can be understood only by Drug users and not for the regular viewers. The movie lacks in all items except for few good acting by Kamal. Songs were below normal except for a couple of them and there is nothing to say about Shanker Mahadevan's music. People who live here went to the movie with great expectations but returned back with nothing. The movie is fine for Murali or Nepolean Standards and for sure not for Kamal's Standard. Lets all hope and wait for the next movie of our Indian Acting King's "PAMAL" K. SAMBANDHAM. The movie is below average and violent movie, which is good for few "A" center moviegoers and it, gets 40/100 only for "KAMAL's" Good acting in few places