"Sethu" Fame Vikram, Kaveri, Kavya Madhavan, Manivannan, Rajeev, Chandra Shekar, Vadivukarasi, Vinu Chakravarthi in a new Touch of Class Tamil Movie "KASI". A movie that gave a difference in every aspect and made us Feel for the movie. Music by Maestro "Ilayaraja" and the movie directed by Vinayan. Enjoy my review on a Very different and Touch of Class Subject "KASI" and post your comments to me at


"KASI" is a movie that was made to make a difference. You can count the number of movies that are made on "Handicapped" subjects and you can name the movie, which really impressed us. Especially when the movie deals with a Poor hero who is Blind. All these days we are used to a Black Glass and a Stick in hand for blind characters but KASI has gone 100 steps above those characters and has given everything to us.

Vikram is a poor Blind guy who lives his life by singing in streets and he hardly makes any money to keep his family running. His
dad Vinu Chakravarthi lies in the bed forever and he drinks and Scolds KASI everyday. KASI's mom Vadivukarasi has lots of love on his blind son. She cannot do much to support her family because she gets ill quiet often. KASI has a sister who is about to get married. KASI's Fun is getting all those things his Sweet sister asks him. He has lots and lots of Love on his sister. He has another Girl in his village "KAAVERI" whom he is going to marry and who is dumb. The story builds like this in a sweet way and right from the FIRST SECOND VIKRAM impresses us with his TOUCH OF CLASS acting, which we hardly see these days. His action's as a Blind man touches our heart and even his face action and his dialogue delivery makes us to think that VIKRAM is really blind.

Rajeev gets introduced as a Rich Panayar in that village. The village people respect him like god because he used to give lots of money to poor people. He comes with his friend to that village. When Rajeev and his friends were travelling in a boat his friend happen to see "KAVERI and KASI's Sister" playing in the river and his friend's BAD EYE falls on those poor Innocent girls. Rajeev's friend insists him to call those girls to his Bungalow so that he can have nice time with those poor girls. Rajeev makes false promise to KASI that he is going to take care of his "EYE OPERATION" and even promises to help his sister to get married to someone. His lover KAVERI agrees to give one eye. Both Kasi's sister and Kaveri go to the Village Bungalow thinking that Rajeev is his family God. But in the meantime Rajeev's friend gets into the picture and destroys these poor girls with Rajeev's help.

From this point you must see the acting of both the heroines and Vikram. KASI not knowing anything about "Panayar" gets lots of money thinking that he is helping his family. Kasi arranges for his sisters marriage and gets Saree for his sister's marriage and one must see how happy Vikram feels after getting her marriage saree asking what color the saree is etc etc. In the meantime Rajeev calls those girls again to his bungalow. Then the climax. KASI's sister dies one day falling into a Dam and the Climax is how the Poor Blind guy takes revenge against a rich Cheap Guy. He cries and says that he does not need eyes anymore to see all these Bad things and the movie ends.


First of all my heartily wishes for him for giving us such a wonderful movie. He has proved again and again and again. SETHU
proved that there is an actor who was missed for a long time. I repeat again right from the FIRST SECOND to the LAST SECOND of the movie IF THERE IS ANY FLAW in acting of VIKRAM please let us know. He has proved again in this movie and I think acting like a blind person is not easy. All along this movie he has taken necessary care that his Eye balls is not visible. He has lost lots of weight and has become dark to give more touch to his "KASI" character. He was able to make us feel how a Blind person will show his Love on Sister, Love on Family, Love on his Girl Friend etc etc. One must see how he feels after taking his Sister's marriage saree and asking what color is that Saree and Comparing the color with different God Color and showing Face actions like a Real Blind Person. He came as a Mentally retarded person in "SETHU" and now a BLIND person in "KASI". No characters have touched our heart like these two movies. VIKRAM is a great actor and he deserves a National award. Lets all hope that the Award committee members recognize him and give all possible title for him.


If you are an emotional person I think you will cry after watching this movie. Not that the movie is a sad movie or something like that. After watching this movie you will really feel that it's a movie and will think that its all-real characters who are acting in the movie. THREE CHEERS to VIKRAM Company. Two heroines were really wonderful and well suited for the character. No questions asked about Vadivukarasi or Rajeev or Vinu Chakravarthi as they all did there job with full involvement. I think other actors must learn a lesson from this movie and must rethink before "Shaving there Head" or "Changing there costumes" and call it has a Different acting. Another thing was ILAYARAJA's Touch of Class music in this Movie. Songs go along with the movie and they are really good. VIKRAM has proved again and He deserves a NATIONAL AWARD and STATE AWARD. "KASI" is the Best Movie I saw Last Year and the movie gets 100/100 from Lollu Express for Vikram's Touch of Class acting and the Crew who worked on this movie. Some movies are not for Rental, Some movies has to be saved in DVD. You can save this "KASI" forever.