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"KUDI VAZHANDAL KODI NANMAI" New Tamil Movie Review by "Your Prabhu"

Nasar, "All India Water Tank Association President" Kushboooooo, "London Lord" Karan, Roja, 'Kovai' Sarala, Vadivelu, Ramesh Khanna stars in a family based V.Sekhar movie "Kudi Vazhandal Kodi Nanmai". Music by 'Then Isai Thendral' Deva. Enjoy my review on New Tamil Movie and pass on your comments to


V. Shekar known for taking family subjects has taken yet another movie. All his movies has the same structure. One Powerful and
homely heroine will be there in the movie. Those heroines will act in such a way that they are the best females in the world although they would have danced with ANIL KAPOOR or BONNEY KAPOOR for DHAK DHAK KARNE LAGA Song in a two piece in the previous movie. There will be Two or Three brothers, two to three sister in laws, One DADIMA (Patti in tamil) and DEDIMA etc etc. V. Shekar has a traditional formula of creating a Problem and solving the problem which he created before. "Kudi Vazhandal Kodi Nanmai" is no exception to the above formula.

Nasar is the elder brother, Vadivelu his younger brother whose aim in life is to become a MLA or MP who spends most of his time passing comments with his mike like one day or other he is going to become a member of US Assembly and going to compete with Clinton. Karan who thinks that he is
Lord "Labokdoss" works as a General manager in a Private firm. Kushboo and "Kovai" sarala gets introduced as homely life partners for Nasar and Vadivelu respectively. Nasar who has done a lot for his brothers sacrificing everything for the good of his brothers like "Vanathai Pole" Vijaya Ganth or like "Padikadavan" Rajini Kanth. The movie goes very well with usual V.shekar Comedy till Karan gets married to Roja.

Kovai "Sarala"
who thinks that Roja Ill-treats her thinking that she has Problems because she is from a rich family. She makes small small problems into big one and the usual V.Shekar style of story like "London" Lord Karan asking Nasar and Vadivelu to go out of their house. Meanwhile Vivek falls in love with Nasar's daughter. The marriage is in a problem because of the dowry money viveks father asks and Nasar not able to give the money. The movie goes down after this point with regular Brothers Fights and Vadivelu slapping Kovai "Sarala" etc etc. Time comes when the three females Kushboo, Roja and Kovai "Sarala" thinks that they have to overcome their useless husbands and conduct the marriage. Atlast Karan understands the importance of his brother and all three brothers joins their hands with DEVA's Donkey tone song at the end.


Out of all the artist "VADIVELU" was the best. He comes as a Politician w ho wants to be an MLA and save 5 Crore Tamil people in Tamil Nadu. The First Night scene where VADIVELU sets a mike in Karan's bedroom was ultimate. He says in a Politician tone that he is going to broadcast his First night scene like BBC does for cricket match and gets slapped from Karan. KUSHBOO comes as the family hear and goes. KARAN was looking like a bull dog. He wears tight pants and tight t-shirt and he exactly looks like a Bull dog and he even shouts like a Bull dog. I dont know what happened to Kushboooo. She is growing like anything. Soon she will be like "Jayamalini" or "vayjayanthi mala bali". Sarala was as usual taking slaps from vadivelu.


Family movies are enjoyable and this movie is one such movie which satisfy the needs of a good family movie. But when compared to V.Sekar's previous movies this movie is much less in quality. But there are lots of fans who love to watch these kinds of movies as they are fed up with songs in Switzerland and Holland. Comedy plays an important role in this movie and the director was successful in giving good comedy to in this movie.

There was one dialog where Sarala says "ERUMAI MADU AEROPLANE LE PORADUKU ASAI PADALAMA". Ultimate dialog. I was just imagining a "Madras ERUMAI MADU" sitting in Lufthansa Airways flying from Chicago to Frankfurt and wearing seat belt and saying "Maaaaa" to the airhostess!!! I don't know who framed know who framed this dialog. A OK movie with not much to say. Lollu Express grades this movie to be an average family movie and its worth only 40/100.

With Love,
Author Lollu Express,
Columbus, Ohio, USA

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