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"MINNALE" New Tamil Movie Review By "YOUR PRABHU"

"Alaipayudhe Fame" Madhavan, "Mumbai Face" Reema Sen, Abbas, 'Comedy Storm' Vivek Nagesh, Fatima Babu in a new College / Triangle Love Story Minnale. Directed By Goutham and Music by New Face "Harris Jayaraj". Enjoy my review on College Rowdi and Love Triangle Movie "MINNALE". Post your comments to KANMAN@HOTMAIL.COM


'MINNALE' is a movie that is basically taken to pull the College Crowd, injecting College Spice and College Dialogs with a Fancy hero and a Cute Heroine which can be enjoyed by the college crowd and Young Generation people with a Touch of Class 'Songs' and Music By Harris Jayaraj.

The Story Starts in an Engineering College where MADDY and ABBAS are rivals. Maddy who is a MECHANICAL Engineering Student is a Typical Lollu Boy and ABBAS who is a Computer Science
Student is Fruit in that College and is an University Medal Holder who hangs out with his Class Girls talking about Computers / Software's. The Director was trying to project the Usual 'JOLLU PROBLEM' between Mechanical Guys and Computer Science Guys in any engineering College. We all know that Mechanical Guys who don't have any CHICKS In Class and Who study in a Class that looks Like "RAJASTAN TAR DESERT' cannot Hang around Freely with Computer Science Girls will have a " JOLLU GANDU" against CSC Guys Who can Hang Around freely with girls in their class asking MICRO PROCESSOR RECORD BOOKS, WRITING RECORD FOR GIRLS, COMBINED STUDIES AT THE TIME OF EXAM, GETTING VEGETABLES and Going to RASHAN SHOPS etc etc. Typically they will be like "AYAS" for that GIRLS HOUSE. I am writing all these because i was a Computer Science Student and all these Mechanical guys had "Jollu Gandu" on us.

The Initial Scene in Which VIVEK goes and asks ABBAS Class mates to talk with Guys hanging around with MADHAVAN was really cute. Although the Scene were enjoyable i think the Director would have taken these in a Much Better Way. I felt that there was 'SOME COLLEGE SPICE MISSING'. ABBAS who has all these Girls with him rides Bike with Girls at the back and Shows "VETHU FILM" and this continues. Time Comes when they complete the course and ABBAS goes to USA to work for ANDERSON consulting and MADDY Joins SSI Limited as a Lecturer in DEV 2000 (FORMS / REPORTS). These days those who do their Engineering and who cannot go to USA ends up doing Lecturer Job in SSI and they will call themselves as SOFTWARE ENGINEER having CIGAR and TEA in their Hands !!!

Vivek Gets into peak after Madhavan Completes his college. MADDY who was a rowdi falls in Love
with REEMA SEN whom he meets in a Foot path and decides that she will be the right pair for him. VIVEK's comedy reaches its peak when MADHAVAN and VIVEK sees her in a Traffic Signal and MADDY rides his bike at high speed and drops vivek under a LORRY, Man he rocks and the theatre was filled with LAUGH ! He was really good. Especially when he says that He and the Lorry Driver are real good friends and that's the reason he parked his Bike under Lorry and was chatting with the Ugly looking driver. MADHAVAN becomes MAD of REEMA and later comes to know that she is engaged to a Guy from USA and they are going to Get married. Nagesh who is Grandpa of Madhavan advice him to get into REEMA's house as the Guy from USA and MADHAVAN lands in REEMA's house ONE WEEK Before the USA Guy and steels REEMA's Heart. Couple of Sweet Songs comes during their LOVE process. Especially "VASIGARA EN NENGINELE" song was too good to hear.

The Story gets a real boost when the true USA 'Mapillai' is no one but his College enemy "ABBAS". From that point the regular Clash continues till the end of the movie. We all know that "If any two Guys fight with each other Its because of a girl". REEMA who cannot forget MADHAVAN and at the same time cannot ignore ABBAS stands still and the movie ends in a funny way. MADHAVAN who Gets offer from SINGAPORE Consulting company for 10,000$ aggress to go to Singapore for 6000$ to have nice time with CHINKU figures in SINGAPORE. He thinks that if he is in MADRAS he cannot forget REEMA. I want to ask one think?? Is getting Job in SINGAPORE or USA that easy these days. If some one want to forget his Lover or Some one wants to Love Some one he ends up
going to USA or SINGAPORE that too in WORK PERMIT and that too for 10,000 $. I think the directors in the movie industry must stop taking scenes like this which really screws the image of JOB MARKET in USA or SINGAPORE and at the same time Screws the minds of people in India who think that JOBS in "USA" is like getting "PODALAN KAYI OR KATHARI KAYI" from KODAMBAKKAM!! We all know what happened to Unnecessary Boost of INTERNET Software's Last year. First of all we must stop THREE OR FOUR People Sitting before PC's and discuss about SOFTWARE. At last ABBAS brings REEMA and gives it to MADHAVAN and says that she really like you and leaves to USA to do his Consulting with "AZBCZYXZ" Consulting Company who are having a severe JOB cut this year. Hope he will be in Bench soon !

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"MADHAVAN" after Alaipayudhey was really impressive. He has gained lots and lots of Weight and a good "THOPAI". Acting wise he is Good. He has all the real "Fancy Qualities" Young FEMALE
GENERATION needs which is more than enough to be an actor. For sure he is a "Young Generation" crowd Favorite. I could see that by the number of people who came to the Movie and people requesting to do Two Shows for the movie etc etc. He got be careful and be more aggressive in selecting roles and acting as the coming movies will decide his Fate of becoming a big star. He will be OK till he does "NATTAMAI" Role. Once he is with VESTI, WHITE SHIRT and MUSH then we can stamp him from SOFTWARE ENGINEER from SINGAPORE to "SOLAM ENGINEER" from SIRKALI. Other than that a MADHAVAN Kind of Movie. ABBAS was impressive in this movie unlike his other movies.

VIVEK was the real hero of the movie. He stands apart and saved the movie with his style of comedy in many places. Without Vivek the movie would have been an ordinary Love triangle which any of these RAMA NARAYANA can take. Man he was really funny and rocked the whole theatre with his timely JOKES. Vivek got the maximum applause from the audience than anyone in this movie. GREAT JOB VIVEK.

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REEMA is a typical "BOMBAY GIRL".
She looks really beautiful in Many scenes. She is really slim and have a touch of Bombay class and who is really fit to act with Fancy stars like MADHAVAN. We can really see the original REEMA when she acts with RAMARAJAN in Movies like "SEERI VARUM KALAI". I think she hardly knows any word in "TAMIL". But who cares about Knowing Tamil to act in TAMIL MOVIES. As far as some one knows how to come and stand before camera and shake their Hips that is more than enough. But REEMA is far better than any BOMBAY Parties. She was Gorgeous in that Lavender Chudi which was really good on her. GOOD JOB REEMA! Hope to see you soon with RAMA RAJAN !!!


A Simple Love Triangle which was given a good shape by the actors and actress. Once must Appreciate the new Music director "HARRIS JAYARAJ" for his master piece in Music. All the songs are really good and has A.R. REHMAN touch in it but the director has failed in good Picturisation of the songs. Especially "VASIGARA SONGS" was one of the worst Picturisation one can do for such a melodious Song. Here is one more movie which Projects "SOFTWARE" / USA RETURN. I think soon there will be a movie that projects "WHAT PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY RETURN FROM USA" as lots and lots of Software Engineers are returning to India. Let me see if those guys will ask for AC in MADRAS AUTO. A good movie for MADHAVAN. REEMA is really sweet and i would love to see her in future movies but i am pretty sure that she will disappear after this movie.

HARRIS will have a good chance in Tamil industry. The movie is doing good in USA and in India too. It would had been really nice if the college scenes were given much more importance and were taken in a much more better way. VIVEK was ultimate and no doubt he is the best comedian in the Industry today. All together "MINNALE" is a Young generation movie which gets 70/100 from Lollu Express for its entertaining aspects, Great songs and Good Music.

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