Parthale Paravasam" New Tamil Movie Review By "Your Prabhu"

K.BALACHANDER Presents "Parthale Paravasam". "Alaipayudhey" Madhavan, "South India Sweet Heart" Simran, "Young Dance King" Raghavendra Lawrence, "Idupu Azagi" Sneha, Vaali, "Comedy King" Vivek, Vaali, "Dadi King" Manivannan and Dhamu in KB's 100th Creation "Parthale Paravasam". Music By Little Master " A.R.Rahman " and the movie directed by
Direction Fame "K.Balachander ". Enjoy my review on Parthale Paravasam and post your comments to me at KANMAN@HOTMAIL.COM.


K.Balachander known for his Direction touch and Screen Play and a Strong Storyline. You can count many movies which reallytouched the Bottom heart of Millions of Tamil Cine fans. He is the first person who made revolutionary Relationship movies and still was able to make Audience happy and was pretty much successful in all his attempts. His 100th movie "Parthale Paravasam" is one such movie, which deals with Complex Relations about a Divorced couple, but things are not normal as usual in this movie. This is the time in which no one is interested in "VILLAGE PANAYAR" movies and wants to see something different. The Directors are forced to give some HIP SHOW and LIP SHOW to make their movie successful or else the movie directly goes to Dustbin. Chocklet is one good example which was a super duper hit just because of Two heroines who were ready for anything and everything,.

The movie starts in the same old K.B Style with one Line Dialogs, Sharp Scene and One Line "KADI JOKES" like "Sindhu Bhairavi". Madhavan who is a Doctor gets introduced who has acted in a movie. He has lots and lots of Female fans who long to see him. I think too much of hype was given to Madhavan in the movie like Females standing in One leg to see him etc etc etc which was not up to K.B's Mark. Ok let me come to the story. He is a person who is a ROMEO BOY. Simi (SIMRAN), Ragavendra Lawrence a Dancer, Sneha a Nurse gets introduced in the movie and none of them impressed us in the first shot like Ragavendra Lawrence. His Dance moments for the Theme Song was just Superb. Madhavan decides to get married because there are 100's of girls who are roaming behind him and he is Sick of all those things (IDHU ELLAM KONJAM OVERDA) !! He gets married to Simran. They both sing a Duet, which are upto SIMRAN's STANDARDS. Hope everyone know what is meant by SIMRAN's STANDARD in a Dream Song. Yes wearing something which Shows 5 Inches below from Stomach Button (Bottom) and 15 Inches to the Top and shaking everything. Yes the Same old VALEE or PARTHEN RASITHEN Type !!!! !!!! I hope this is what one would expect from SIMRAN in any movies. But it was Odd to see in KB's Movies.

After a while "Radhika Chowdry" enters into their life and claims that Madhavan gave her a child before marriage and Madhavan Agrees to it. Simran Breaks the marriage and Claims for a Divorce and gets it. Fortunately there is no Court scene in the movie.
From this point the Logic of the movie completely fails. Its Like Writing an IF STATEMENT without any END IF. Rather than Hating each other they both Say that they are good friends after divorce and the height of comedy was they both will search for a Bride and Bridegroom for each other. I really don't understand this logic. In this process Lawrence Ragavendra attracts Simran because of his Dancing Skills and Sneha who is in One Side love with Madhavan tries to get in Madhavan's heart thinking that he is divorced. The thing that was really irritating was Simran and Madhavan claim that they are Divorced and they both meet daily in PIZZA HUT , "BASKIN ROBINS" ICE CREAM PARLOR, "MYLAPORE" RAILWAY STATION and have ORANGE JUICE and Talk about Life. I dont know why someone who has been divorced want to meet in Railway Station and Talk about Life drinking Orange Juice. A Clear Logic Miss. The same rule Apply for guys and girls who move Closely and call themselves as friends !! HA HA HA HA !!!!

The movie goes like this for a while. The climax is Madhavan helping Simran to marry Lawrence and Simran helping Madhavan to marry Sneha. I think the Logic is totally wrong and No one would accept it. The whole climax is in form of a song. There is hell lot of confusion and scene's between song really screwed up a good song. At last there comes a Dialog from Madhavan who talks about Women's Second marriage, Rights etc etc etc which didnt impress anyone as we saw something similar in Mouna Ragam which was much better than this one. Later Simran and Madhavan joins together. There is Many things Missing and the movie failed to impress anyone although it had a Story. LOGIC MISSING!


There is nothing special to say about him in this movie. No one wants to see him in family movies. His "Alaipayudhey" and
"Minnale" were the best movies he had did so far. He comes and stands and goes as if he has lost a "KABADI MATCH" in Kondithoppu. Fortunately he didn't disappoint his female fans in few places and couple of songs and other than that nothing special. I thought PRASANTH would had been a better choice for this movie compared to MADHAVAN. At least he can impress us with his SAD Face. Nothing special!!

Simran was too good in many places and only because of her the movie has something to watch. As usual she was great in her acting. No one in South can challenge her dance movement she is know for. The costumes in this movie were appealing which were really tight. "Chikunu Irrundha" Simran. SNEHA comes as nurse and she was cute too. She had a great chance to show her "TALENTS" in a dream song and she was good in it showing most of her Hips which she never does in other movies. All that we saw so far in Sneha was that Color Saree dress Dance in Enavale ( A covered Hip Show). No chance was given for her to act.!!!!


With the huge star cast like "K.BALACHANDER", "MADHAVAN", "SIMRAN", "SNEHA", all that we get out of this movie is a big logic failure and disappointment. A.R. REHMAN didn't disappoint us considering his recent tunes in "STAR". The songs are really sweet to hear rather than watching with the picture in the movie. The Whole point in this movie was to say that "People can be friends after Divorce" which was said in the hardest way as possible. SIMRAN was good. Vivek was below normal and his KB style One lines doesn't do any good to the movie. DHAMU's Rajinikanth immitation brings nothing but Irritation. Lawrence Ragavendra was too good in his dance moments but one cannot watch it in each and every movie. All together K.B's 100th Production is a below normal movie and not upto anyone's mark gets 40/100 from Lollu Express.

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