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"VANNA THAMIZ PATTU" New Tamil Movie Review by "YOUR PRABHU"

"PETER" Prabhu, "NEW FACE" Vyjayanthi, Mahichandana, Anand Raj, Radha Ravi, Vadivelu start in a new Tamil Diwali Release movie "VANNA THAMIZ PATTU". Music by "TITANIC HERO" S.A. RAJKUMAR and the movie directed by "THALI FAME" P. VASU. Enjoy my latest Tamil movie review on "VANNA THAMIZ PATTU" - A Village based Love, Sentimental Musical Thriller ! ha ha ha ha !!! Post your comments to me at KANMAN@HOTMAIL.COM


The story is a Village Based Story. RADHA RAVI is a "JAMINDHAR". He hates People who LOVE or people who talk about
LOVE. He even does not want to see "TITANIC LOVE" Scene in his TV so he shoots his TV with his Gun. He kills the person who tried to LOVE his own Sister. He asks "ANAND RAJ" to Marry his sister who is his close friend. They both don't worry about Anything in the world like NBA, NFL, CRICKET, POLITICS. Their Primary Job, Aim in their Life is to Shoot People who LOVE. Both ANAND RAJ and RADHA RAVI roams in that village in a "MAHENDRA CLASSIC WHITE COLOR" JEEP that too Convertible JEEP with GUNS in hand shooting people who LOVE. To add more "KODUMAI" Title Song comes and it is sung by VADIVELU !!!!

"Vayjayanthi" a super duper Bombay Kattai gets introduced as Daughter of RADHA RAVI. "PRABHU" gets introduced as a Singer. It seems because of his song "RAIN CAME" and made the people in that village happy. So RADHA RAVI recruits him as Assistant Manager to take care of his duties. The movie runs like this as RADHA RAVI request PRABHU to sing songs. Every 10 Minutes there is a Song. Time comes when RADHA RAVI looks for "MAPILLAI" for his sister. Then comes the flash back.

It seems PRABHU and VAIJAYANTHI went to the same Music School in WASHINGTON D.C, The guys in the class were behind VAIJAYANTHI. So PRABHU ties "THALI" to her to safeguard from Those Rowdies. I don't know why "Tying Thali" has become like "Tying Manja for Kadhadi" in Tamil Movies. I am seeing this right from "CHINNATHAMBI" movie. An Innocent Singer will be there in a Small Village who does not know anything in this world. He will tie "Thali" to the heroine Just to Save her From Something. Dai Dai "INTHA MADRI EVALVU PER DA KALAMBI IRUKINGO" !!!!

Another Kodumai is "There is one more Prabhu" DOUBLE ACTION. He is father of this Innocent Prabhu. He comes with a
DADI and a weird Wig. A bunch of hair falls on his face and he does all sorts of overreaction. He says to his son (Small Prabhu) that his Primary Job in this world is to Marry the Heroine ! He must not worry What ever distraction comes in the middle. I want to ask one thing. Does the "JAMINDHARS" in Indian Village have any other Job other than "TYING THALI" to a CHAPPA FIGURE in the same village. So Small Prabhu takes his Dads Golden words and comes to Heroines village Gets Kicked in his Big BUTT by RADHA RAVI's people. Man this is too much.

Time comes when RADHA RAVI knows anout the LOVE developed between his Daughter and PRABHU. He loads his gun with Bullets and drives his WHITE MAHENDRA Convertible JEEP searching for PRABHU to shoot him. At last the BIG PRABHU (FATHER PRABHU) comes from somewhere and orders his son (SMALL PRABHU) to fight against the villains. Now comes energy for the small Prabhu and he kicks 100's of Villains flying in the air and then giving sounds like "DUSH DUSH DUSH DUSH DUSH" ! The height of comedy is he kicks everyone without landing in the ground with DUSH DUSH sounds !! The movie ends as RADHA RAVI understands LOVE IS GREAT !!!


I am seeing PRABHU in the same role for the 10th time. It all started in CHINATHAMBI. It is still continuing for 10 years, I don't know what he is thinking in his mind. He and P. VASU are the best combination for giving movies like this. I want to know how "RAIN WILL COME" when a hero sings songs. Also why is that PRABHU tying THALI to heroines just to safeguard from Others. Also How can Prabhu Fly in air and kick 100 Villains at that same time. His Previous movie "BUDGET PADBANABAN" was cool one and he needs to stay with those kinds of movie rather than coming in JEEP, Singing songs and doing double action role !!


VAIJAYANTHI a new BOMBAY kutti Looks so cute. She looks like "SUSMITHA SEN" ! Sexy figure. Hope she comes in more movies so that we can have a good Jollu. I don't know how these BOMBAY KUTTIES are so good in everything. Hope that she will be another RAMBHA, NAGMA, MEENA for our guys ! One cant underestimate these new Chicks who are coming to movies. They have lots and lots of "THERAMI" that too people like "VAIJAYANTHI". Her original name in MUMBAI is "RUPALI" !!!!


First of all we must not allow people to watch these kinds of movies which has overdose of "Sentiments". Second thing we must not allow people to act as "PANYAIR". After watching these kinds of movie the Actual "PANAYARS" in the village have started to roam in WHITE MAHINDRA "JEEP" imitating RADHA RAVI. I think P. VASU will take good movies only when he shaves his "KARADI DADI" and think something new. Hope he must take a SKI FI movie like TERMINATOR. Just imagine P. VASU directing TERMINATOR PART III with ARNOLD ! HA HA HA and S.A. RAJ KUMAR doing the music !!!! I don't know when these people are going to come to light. Its 21st century and still they are fighting for LOVE, PANAYAR etc etc. The gun RADHA RAVI carries in the movie is used to shoot "CROWS" By "KURUVI KARANS". I don't know why he roams with Gun to shoot people who LOVE!! Irritating and Old Story. The movie is worth only 25/100 that too for the new sexy Heroine VAIJAYANTHI !!!!!

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